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Quite simply, the world's most filtering mask.

The R-PUR Nano® mask is the most effective solution in the world.

With its 8 filter layers, it filters out gases, odors, pollen, fine/very fine particles, diesel particles and toxic particulate matter (PM) linked to air pollution.

The patented R-PUR technology is also the very first in the world to be able to filter out particles as small as 20 nanometers.

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How a Quality Air Pollution Mask Helps Improve the Lives of Everyday UK Citizens

While the UK offers some of the most intriguing and desirable travel locations in the world, poor air quality remains the most significant environmental risk to public health. In 2010, the Environment Audit Committee considered the cost of health impacts of air pollution to exceed £8 to 2 billion. That does not spark a lot of confidence in
those that live in the UK and want to enjoy a little outdoor activity now and then.

To decrease the effects of the air quality around major cities and industrial sites, R-PUR has created a revolutionary pollution mask explicitly designed to filter out those dangerous particles in the air. Not only does this help prevent the spread of viruses, but it also allows those wishing to go for a bike ride or working in dangerous environments to go about their activities worry-free.

Why Does the UK Have Such Poor Air Quality?

Air pollution in the UK has many sources. Some rare natural events like dust clouds or volcanic residue from other countries caught up in the jet stream overhead impact quality, but the predominant factors are human-made. The primary reason for high levels of air pollution throughout the UK is road transportation. Both vehicles made to operate with diesel and petrol produce nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter that can travel all over the countryside.

The government has introduced a target deadline of 2030 to stop the sale of all new petrol-powered vehicles and move towards electric or zero-emission vehicle manufacturing. While that will undoubtedly improve the air quality, it leaves many citizens trying to manage daily life with tiny particles leftover from overcrowded roads floating in the air.

A quality air pollution mask helps combat these dangerous particles.

R-PUR has long been considered the world leader in high-performance filtration. This technology is integrated in every pollution-free mask created and shipped to clients all over the UK.

The R-PUR Nano Pro is specifically designed to protect you from gase, smoke, odour, pollen, bacteria, lead dust, and fine particles. This could lower health costs for everyone from the neighborhood jogging club to the automotive workers trying to prepare for the changing line of vehicles that will need repairs soon.

Even with the policy change of zero-emission cars, the UK is still at the epicenter of urban development and industrialization. As a result, many people are exposed to air pollution from burning fuels in their homes for cooking and heating, emissions from power generation, farming, bonfires, and more. Integrating a comfortable and top-quality designed pollution mask UK innovation is an excellent way to improve the country's overall health.

Cleaning Up the Outdoor UK Life

In 2020, Strava released its annual Year in Sport report based on the world’s more than 73 million athletes. The result was the UK being named the “world’s most active” nation. This is because the country saw an increase in outdoor activity by 82% compared to the second-place country Germany with only 45%.

Why does this matter? It shows a strong desire by local UK citizens to become more active. People want to enjoy the outdoors by running a marathon or participating in a cycling club where they can get the benefits of exercise as well as social contact with like-minded friends and acquaintances. This trend should be celebrated by every political leader and news media station because it shows a positive change towards a more vibrant society, a lesson many other countries could benefit from.

While all of this activity is welcome, it also means more exposure to air pollution and heavy particles. It would be unfortunate for the growing trend of outdoor living to be dampened by an equally growing rate of new asthma cases or respiratory issues.

Introducing the best pollution masks like those from R-PUR reduces the risks associated with heavy air pollution. Instead of seeing fewer people in parks or on the bike trails, suggesting the use of the best air pollution masks whenever participants engage in outdoor activity will allow the UK to benefit from a more physically active citizenry.

The R-PUR mask is the first anti-pollution mask in the world to be effective against urban air pollution. It was created in France, which is no stranger to air pollution and outdoor activity, and can be utilized all over the UK. From the stunning landscapes of London’s Regent’s Park to the captivating scenery of Exmoor National Park, integrating a pollution mask in your next hike or relaxing stroll will help protect you and your family from common respiratory ailments.

How Does the R-PUR Mask Help?

R-PUR was already in production before the global pandemic and has leveraged research and development innovates to continue keeping people safe. These are high-performance filtration pollution masks that have been laboratory tested for success. Not only do R-PUR masks prevent the common ailments typically found in high air pollution areas, but they are also incredibly comfortable. You do not have to worry about wearing glasses or putting on a helmet when out on a scooter. The R-PUR mask allows a comfortable fit without getting in the way of your daily activities.

This is all because of the nano particle filtration that stops fine particles, gase, viruses, allergens, and bacteria from reaching your lungs. This is a welcome change for Londoners dealing with heavy fogs or leftover clouds of particles from too many cars on the road. It also helps those with serious allergies breathe a bit easier during the changing seasons. This way, more people can explore historical landmarks all over the UK without needing to worry about airflow or high pollution levels.

We can all hope that drastic change is just around the corner. Our environment is essential to our livelihoods, but finding that balance of productivity and eco-friendly practices is probably decades away. Certainly, moving towards zero-emission vehicles will affect the UK’s air pollution statistics, but a country well known for its industrial revolution and urbanization is not likely to become a sudden utopia of clean air overnight. That is why finding a quality mask solution is a good idea for anyone spending a lot of time outdoors exploring the UK's beauty.

To learn more about how an R-PUR pollution mask can help everyone, from a world-renowned athlete to a local dad getting back on the exercise routine, visit the line of revolutionary products. Until we can completely eliminate air pollution, there will always be a need for exceptional air filtration pollution masks. Luckily, R-PUR is prepared to meet that demand.

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