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1. Our Filtration

Filtration more efficient
than the N100 standards

The R-PUR Nano® mask is the most effective solution in the world at the moment. With its 5 filtering layers, it filters out gases, odors, pollen, bacteria, fine/very fine particles, diesel particles and toxic particulate matter (PM) linked to air pollution.

R-PUR Nano® is the first truly effective nanofiltration solution against harmful particles that are extremely fine : Against the finest harmful particles.

Bacteria - Nanoparticles
2. Pleasant to wear

Optimal comfort

Thermo-Control® technology keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The patented extraction valve allows the flow of hot air to be evacuated 60 times faster.

We have selected both premium and technical materials, which allow our masks to be water repellent while remaining ultra breathable.

Water repellent
They’re talking about us
A high-end mask originally designed to help runners and cyclists
3. Our mobile app

Technology for your health

The R-PUR mobile app is available exclusively with your R-PUR Nano® mask. 

It allows you to track the wear of your filter to know exactly when to replace it.

Each filter has a unique individual certificate to ensure its authenticity. When installing your new filter, a verification process will be enabled by scanning a unique QR Code on your mobile app.

Our vision

Helping billions of people protect their health

Your health is our inspiration

R-PUR’s mission : Protecting all populations from the risks present in the air has always been our raison d'être, through technological innovations adapted to all environments.

A long-term commitment
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