Filtration above the highest World standard FFP3 / K100

Made in France

The patented R-PUR technology developed in France, is the first in the world able to protect you from nanoparticles as small as 20 nanometers.



The R-PUR Nano® mask is the most effective solution in the world today.

Thanks to its 8 filtering layers, it will be able to come and filter gases, odours, pollen, fine particles/diesel and toxic particles linked to air pollution.

R-PUR Filtration is the first truly effective nanofiltration solution against extremely fine harmful particles.

Access to the tests



Protection will not be optimal if air gets inside your mask.

Our solution has passed tightness tests on a wide range of faces: these tests have been carried out by an independent European certification laboratory.

Our filter's technical memory foam will perfectly fit the shape of your face, and the fastening system will adjust the face seal to create a perfect seal.

Access to the tests

Tested and validated


The R-PUR mask will be perfectly adapted to your daily use.

When you travel on foot, on two motorized wheels or in electric mobility, you will be able to breathe normally after a maximum of three uses.

Your mask will also allow you to breathe perfectly when you go to work while jogging or biking: this is made possible thanks to our hot air extraction valve.

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Water repellent and Thermo-control® fabric

We've selected a quality fabric with a water-repellent coating that keeps you sweat-free while remaining breathable, summer and winter.

Extraction valve

The hot air extraction valve is a technological feat that allows the flow of hot air to escape 60 times faster than with a conventional valve.

Reinforced aluminium ring

This solution is used in particular in aeronautics. It ensures a perfect fit even after several years of use.

Ergonomic fasteners

The straps have been specially designed to allow a helmet to be worn over the mask.

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