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FiiT mask by R-PUR
FiiT mask by R-PUR

The last mask
you'll ever buy, PROMISE

World's first designer nanofiltration mask. Breathe like you are not wearing a mask at all.

āœ“ Custom fit & style 
āœ“ Machine washable
āœ“ Replaceable filters
āœ“ Switch to Stop-valveĀ® for airplane mode
āœ“ NANO FiltrationĀ® for 99.91% of pollutants

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At first I thought it was
too expensiveā€¦

but then I realized that I had spent a lot more on masks that I couldn't even use. I had some trouble breathing with N95/KN95s, but didn't have any trouble with this one. There was also a study that found that most people don't get a proper seal with most N95s, but the foam face seal on this makes sure that you do As far as I'm concerned, there is no better mask on the market, and it's worth the price.

- Adrian ,US

The R-Pur Mask is perfect

The R-Pur Mask is perfect to protect me in my daily bicycle trip home-office in Paris France, a dramatically poluted city because of its terrible traffic jams, and allergenic plane tree pollen.

- Olga, FRANCE

Absolutely love it!

Love it! Have been using the Nano V2 (Nano One) since Feb 2019. Great performance, easy to breath and comfortable even in a hot and high humidity environment like we have here in Sydney. I feel super safe knowing i'm not inhaling all these toxins. The only brand I would recommend to wear under a motorcycle helmet.

- Christophe, AUSTRALIA


NANO FiltrationĀ®


Breathe like you are not wearing a mask at all

So comfortable
you'll forget about it

The FiiTĀ® mask has been designed to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

It's time to take care of your ears with the new FiiT-ITā„¢ļø attachment system.

Breathe like never before with our ultra-breathable technical fabrics.

Create the mask
of your dreams

The FiiTĀ® mask is the first mask in the world
to offer over 400 possible combinations.

So many possibilities to suit so many personalities.

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Filters 99.91%
of pollutants

Reusable mask


8 layer

300% more breathable mask

Filters particles
as small as 20nm

Soft material & padded gasket

Replaceable filter

In-app monitoring


Reusable for life

Same mask, fresh filters. Filters last between 6 and 12 weeks depending on actual use, meaning you no longer need to throw away your mask every day.

It's good for the environment, and it's good for you. 

The FiiTĀ® mask filter will be available for purchase for $14.99 to those who are pre-ordering in 2021. 

FiiTĀ® is the most effective anti-pollution mask in the world.

It has 8 layers of filtration to protect you from fine particles and nanoparticles, pollens, bacteria, viruses, gases and odours.

The patented R-PUR technology developed in France is the first in the world to protect you from nanoparticles as small as 20 nanometres.


A 300% more breathable mask

Warm air is expelled quickly to improve wearing and breathing comfort.

Comes with a Stop-valveĀ® for the moments or places that require blocking exhaled air, such as on a plane.


satisfied customers

Since 2016, R-PUR has protected more than 60,000 wearers, with its first Nano range dedicated to active people, cyclists and bike riders.

Born from a desire to protect everyone from the risks found in the air, the new FiiTĀ® range meets the needs of today's pedestrians completely.

A team
available in 1 click

Pre-order with confidence today.

If you change your mind, ask for a refund in one click, no questions asked.

Stay connected

Get detailed information on the quality of the air around you in real time and choose your own personal exposure notifications.

Never throw away a usable filter again.The app tells you the best time to replace it.

Ships to you in Dec. 2021

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