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FiiT® Filter x1

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Filtre FiiT® compatible avec le nouveau masque piéton FiiT®

Non compatible avec les masques de la gamme Nano : Nano One, Light & Sport

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FiiT® Filter - $19 $17.90
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Reusable for life 🌱

No need to change your mask, just replace your filter - A filter lasts between6 and 12 weeks on average, depending on your actual use.

8 layers of filtration™️

The patented R-PUR technology developed in France is the first in the world to protect you from nanoparticles as small as 20 nanometres.

Discover FiiT® accessories

Design your mask to make it your own, by adding accessories such as chain necklace, rivets, outer layer - New designs available each month

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Included: Stop-Valve™️

Warm air is expelled quickly to improve wearing and breathing comfort - Comes with a Stop-valve™️ for the moments or places that require blocking exhaled air, such as on a plane.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a filter last?

Our algorithm Zephyr aggregates the average number of kilometers travelled with air pollution data. It calculates a precise date (the time)  when your filter will need to be replaced in order to guarantee optimal protection.

On average, the filter is replaced after 5 to 15 weeks of daily use, depending on your personal use and the level of exposure to air pollution.

When will your FiiT® mask be delivered?

Your FiiT mask will be shipped within 48 hours with UPS delivey

What size should I choose for my FiiT® mask?

We have developed a very simple way for the selection of the FiiT® mask size

You can find all the information on the dedicated page for the size guide.

How do I access the FiiT® mask accessories page?

Once you have chosen your mask, whether you have customized it or not, you will be redirected to the FiiT® accessories page: chain, carrying case, filters, you can also add new customizations.

You can access the FiiT® accessories page here

How Personalised Masks Designed for Comfort Improve Wear Rates in the UK

As of 2020, more than 9 million Londoners were filling up the tube and hitting stores, pubs, and parks every day. Imagine all of those individual people trying to go about their work and social lives being exposed to an almost constant flow of air pollution. It has become common to hear new high air pollution warnings being issued by city officials on a routine basis because of all the congestion of human beings and vehicles moving throughout the city.

How do we combat these issues so people can go about their day without the danger or potential risks from too many air contaminants? Introduce the use of a personalised mask as a habit and not a political issue. Even during the height of the global pandemic, the UK had one of the lowest rates of mask-wearing in the world, at roughly 38% of Britons wearing masks in public. This creates an uphill challenge for introducing quality-made masks that could drastically help with the air pollution issues in the UK.

Introducing Personalised Face Masks

The simplest solution to improving the rates of local UK residents wearing masks during outdoor activities is to make them more comfortable. Instead of people having to use those tight-fitting department store masks that often involve colors or designs many would prefer not to wear, there should be an alternative designed to match everyday life's unique uses and needs.

This is where the experts at R-PUR can help. Since our founding, we have focused on creating evidence-backed filtration systems that keep people safe while also leaning heavily into personalised masks that fit correctly and feel fantastic. For example, we partner with engineers from the National Institute of Arts and Crafts in France to create exceptional custom face masks appropriate for everyone. That offers comfort to the shipyard worker around heavy air particles just as much as the neighborhood cycling club out for a Sunday afternoon ride.

The key to our success as a leading manufacturer of personalised masks UK solutions is our ability to blend the world of safety and comfort. We create technically advanced masks that use nano particle filtration to protect against gase, smoke, odour, pollen, bacteria, lead dust, and fine particles in the air. However, we also use modern designs, fashions, and support systems to ensure a comfortable fit that will not get in the way of using a helmet on a ride or fogging up your glasses while going for a stroll.

How Mask Comfort Could Change Everything

Think about the design of a typical mask during the global pandemic. No one wants to put elastic bands around their ears and keep readjusting a mask that falls below the noise or fogs up glasses so quick that you might as well be blind.

With an R-PUR personalised mask, you get luxurious comfort that allows you to enjoy life without becoming a nuisance to adjust. Considering that nearly 7 in 10 Brits feel mask-wearing does improve the overall public health, it only makes sense to create products more aligned with comfort and versatility.

R-PUR uses a hot air extraction system that allows the air usually trapped by a poorly made mask to escape out the front parallel to your mouth. That results in less condensation on your face and clearer glasses from fogging. Instead of elastic bands around your ears to hold the mask in place, you get a soft fabric that wraps around the back of your head and securely fastens for wearing on any occasion.

This kind of personalised face masks UK innovation helps to encourage more active use among the citizenry. That way, when the Covid epidemic is finally at an end, there will still be excellent options for living a rewarding life in areas of extreme air pollution.

The majority of UK citizens live in urban areas where poor air quality exacerbates socio-economic inequalities and results in adverse health outcomes. That places a significant toll on the government health system designed to help those in most need. R-PUR is creating a simple solution that encourages mask use with excellent comfort and adaptability for any activity.

The Technology of Mask Wearing

It seems everything we do in life revolves around our mobile devices. So instead of fighting against this trend, R-PUR has developed a mobile application that helps users manage life in high areas of air pollution. This app follows personal mask use via scanning unique QR codes. This way, people can get real-time air pollution data in relation to when it is the best time to change out the filter on their quality personalised mask.

The R-PUR app provides additional information like local weather around the UK and current pollution levels according to national statistics and government organizations. That makes it incredibly convenient to bring your personalised mask the next time you are planning on a trip to the countryside or a simple walk through a local London park. All you have to do is check the app and then put on your mask for those times when air pollution is on the rise.


Air pollution is likely to remain a hot topic for generations to come because even if we made drastic changes to our environment today, the habits of humankind will take far longer to adapt. In the meantime, we should do all we can to make mask wearing a more “normal” activity by introducing personalised masks like those from the experts at R-PUR. This way, people get the benefits of quality filtration along with comfort and usability that encourages a healthier, happier, and more active society.

To learn more about R-PUR’s latest line of personalised masks and accessories, feel free to explore the store online. You will find many styles, colors, and add ons to make your next mask experience a rewarding one. Our masks are widely used by professional athletes as much as everyday people going about their lives. That is how you know you get a quality comfort fit for any activity you do next.

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