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FiiT Filter M-L

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Suitable for FiiT
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Differences between the R-PUR filter and other filters?

R-PUR Filter Other filters
✓ Filters out PM 10
✓ Filters out PM 2.5
🦠 Filters out nanoparticles (PM 0.05)
🌫️ Filters out gases
🚬 Filters out odours
🌸 Filters out pollen

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the Nano and FiiT filters?

There is no difference between the two filters in terms of technology.

They will protect with the same efficiency. It took two years of research and development to make the Nano filter smaller and create the FiiT filter.

How long does a filter last?

On average, the filter is replaced after6 to 14 weeksof daily use, depending on your exposure to air pollution and usage.