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Washing Bag
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Announcement 💌

Following our reopening on September 14th

Once again, thank you for your trust!

Reopening on Monday 14 September

Out of stock quickly 💌

Once again, thank you for your keen interest.

It’s always a real pleasure to see you all during our re-openings.

It is now obvious : the current demand for our products is higher than our maximum production capacity. Each one of our masks is hand-sewn, composed of many steps of manufacturing, and our wish is to keep our premium quality that you look for when you join the R-PUR community.

Our mission is to protect everyone from air pollution.

That’s why we understand and share your frustration when you’re unable to place an order.

Next Reopening

Starting this Autumn 🍂

Since the beginning of the year, we have multiplied our production capacity by 4.

Our teams work fast-paced to face the high demand.

We must let you know that we’ll never sell a mask that we aren’t capable of delivering.

In the same light, we do not wish to open pre-orders that will be dispatched in a few months, that’s why we are compelled to limit our sales during our re-openings.

Furthermore, a new re-opening is already planned for this Fall. We’ll keep you updated soon.


Order an accessory ☁️

During this opening, accessories (washing bag and carrying cases) weren’t available for purchase.

They will be back on our online shop by mid-October so you can properly protect your mask.

A dedicated spray against viruses and bacteria will also be made available. It will not contain any alcohol or health risk.

Thank you for your feedback and your kind words 💌
Your health is our inspiration.

The R-PUR team

Order a filter

Available in the application

Since July 1st, our current users can order a filter directly within their mobile application: tracked letter delivery is offered 💌

First of all, check that your mobile application is up to date: an update has been available since the end of June.

If you encounter a problem or if you do not have the mobile application installed, you can contact us directly by clicking on the button below.

Thank you for your patience

The R-PUR team 💌

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