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FiiTยฎ Black

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Nano S Black

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Nano Light Black

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Very good mask, I really feel the difference between the days I wear it and the days I don't, it's obvious.
Excellent mask to fight against pollution, gases and other viruses. I use it every day to ride my bike in an urban environment: thank you for protecting my lungs! Very reactive and competent seller. Easy and fast restocking. In short, I recommend with my eyes closed!
Allows me to stop taking antihistamines for allergies. Ideal for pollution, easy breathing unlike other masks.
Top protection, top product, excellent company, excellent customer relations, good breathability, while knowing that there is pressure on the face and heat inside the mask. For those who want to protect themselves to the maximum there is no better.
A really great product, allergies are no longer a problem when I ride my bike and that's already a lot. No problem to ride my bike or my bike-share with it, even when it's hot.
On the order and delivery nothing to complain about. I was apprehensive about the summer period because I was afraid that the mask would be a real oven to wear but on the contrary it is essential, in addition to its filtration function it allows to maintain a humidity as well as a constant temperature inside the mask ...
So far all my experiences with R-Pur team are TOP! Listening to customers, very accommodating, very responsive, etc. ... in short only positive. The price is quite high but it is justified by the whole product (quality, technology etc) and service (fast service, solution provided, sav etc)...
R-PUR x Marine Serre โ˜ฝ


The result of a collaboration with the luxury designer Marine Serre, find exclusively Black Moon Reflective models ๐Ÿค

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