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The study you can't miss

For us, helping to better understand the air around us is one of our main missions.

This is why we presented a study from the European Society of Cardiology on the dangers of practicing sports in a polluted environment.

It indicates that practicing 1h30 of sport in a polluted environment is more harmful for health than doing nothing.

It has been taken up by the media : the interest of an anti-pollution mask dedicated to the practice of sports becomes a necessity.

What is the difference with the Nano Light model?

Our teams have chosen to develop a model dedicated entirely to sports, which meets specific needs: extreme breathability for intense efforts, lightness, dedicated ergonomics, uniquely designed strap.

The Sport model will become the most breathable of the Nano range thanks to :

1. A new Nano S filter, designed for effort

2. A new mask developed with a technical fabric

It is 50% more breathable than the Nano Light model, developed especially for cyclists.

What is the difference between the Nano and Nano S filters?

In order to maintain similar filtration performance, we have carried out numerous tests, particularly in real-life situations: the main difference is the absence of the so-called activated carbon layer.

The price of the filters will remain the same. To simplify :

- Nano S filter : +50% breathability
- Nano filter : no odor

What about compatibility?

Is the Nano filter compatible with the Sport model?

The Nano and Nano S filters are compatible with all of our mask models: Light, One and Sport.

This means that you can transfer your filter to the new model and vice versa.

The Nano filter is more suitable for two-wheeler journeys: behind cars, exhaust odors are much stronger.

What about indoor use?

Stop-Valve™: suitable for the gym.

Our filtration technology provides you with optimal breathing comfort for outdoor sports practice.

For indoor use, we offer our Stop-Valve™ solution, developed by our R&D team.

It allows you to stay protected and protect your closed ones as well from viruses, by blocking the exhaled air for a safe sports practice.


Stop-Valve™ :
how do we use it?

The majority of our users wear their R-PUR masks to protect themselves from outdoor pollution.

For your sessions in the gym, you can easily adapt the Stop-Valve™ on your mask, it is not a consumable like the filter.

Its use will therefore be permanent and you will be able to remove it and put it back on depending on your sports practice.

It will be offered with each Nano Sport mask.

When will I be able to get it and at what price?

The Nano Sport model will be available for sale on Wednesday, June 2nd.

It will be offered at a price of 99€ : each mask will come with a new integrated Nano S filter and a Stop-Valve™.

Expected delivery end of June.

You can sign up for our launch list and get a discount on the mask when the sales open.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to write us, we will be glad to answer you.

From Paris with love ❤️
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