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A responsible and sustainable solution



Our cities are finally changing. The place given to the private car is being challenged and we are seeing different initiatives to put pedestrians, soft mobility and responsible transformation back at the centre of these changes.

Paris, like many other capitals, does not cut corners. To move towards a cleaner and more breathable city, it is obviously necessary to change the configuration of the city but also to acquire cleaner means of transport.

That is, more efficient, but also at the right size.


Paris towards a more responsible and sustainable dimension

With a market exploding in the past few years, the scooter, usually used by urbanites for the time saving it provides, does not only offer advantages when it is thermal: air pollution, noise pollution, difficult breathing due to particle emissions... the list is long.

But make no mistake about it: two-wheelers are also the first victims of these evils. Having a motorized 2-wheel drive is a headache: garage maintenance, excessive insurance costs, parking in a safe place that is not always easy, not to mention headaches, allergies, and other respiratory problems... the list is also very long.

Coup, is therefore a new vision of the two-wheel device. First with electric vehicles that do not emit particles and then with a shared model that allows you to free yourself from the constraints of ownership.

Initially inaugurated in Berlin in 2016, it was in 2017 that the startup, supported by the German group Bosch, decided to invest in the French capital and reinvent the mobility of tomorrow.


COUP, reinventing mobility

Extremely easy to use, COUP is the new e-scooter service in the era of time.

Designed to be simple and efficient, the service requires no subscription, no key, no insurance contract. The only criteria required are: being over 18 years of age and holding at least a BSR (AM licence).

Everything is done from your smartphone. You can book your scooter directly via the COUP application where 2,200 scooters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Coup 3

This fast and smart service is positioned as an alternative for scooter owners (or even an alternative solution), but also as an entry point to new mobility for people wishing to free themselves from the constraints of public transport. COUP optimizes and revolutionizes the use of scooters in a more sustainable and responsible way.

What about the price?

Accessible from 0.28€/minute, your wallet will say thank you. And if you plan to drive a lot, minute packs are available for purchase directly in the application with sliding scale rates up to 0.20€/minute. This makes it the cheapest player on the market.

To sum up, COUP allows you to enjoy an electric, modern, fast and ergonomic 2-wheel drive. You will then only have to focus on one thing: your itinerary.

Forward TOUCH

We were looking forward to testing this service.

Being based in Paris, it would be a lie to say that we had never seen them from near or far.

After creating our account quickly and sending our necessary documents for the validation of our account (i.e. our identity card and driver's license in this case), we were ready to book our first trip.

Pleasantly surprised by the simple and refined design of the application, it is with a disconcerting ease that we mounted on our ephemeral scooter.

We drove from Station F to a charming little street in the 20th district, and we particularly appreciated the quick start at the traffic lights.

To tell you the truth, several people on the team wanted, then, to test it.

Application Coup
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