Why don't we do Black Friday?


At R-PUR, we have never taken part in Black Friday, which goes against our values : an expensive French production, a fair price all year round, an ecological approach in which we believe.

This year, we decided to go further and join the Make Friday Green Again collective, launched by the French clothing brand Faguo.

By reading this article, we hope you will understand our approach.

We remain at your disposal for further discussion. 



The choice of Made in France

We would like to thank you for being here to read our blog.

At R-PUR, we have never taken part in Black Friday.We will explain why we are not going to mark off our prices today or tomorrow.

From the beginning, we have chosen French manufacturing with traditional know-how.

All parts of our mask are hand-sewn, and many steps are required to create a mask.You can also follow the creation of a mask directly in "Our Values" our dedicated section on the values we promote.

This year, we wanted to strengthen our approach and go further. After all, we should not be the only ones to think so.


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Different groups united around the same cause


First, we looked to see if other companies had the same vision as us. After all, there can be many reasons why young brands may not participate in Black Friday, ignoring the considerable benefits over the day.

We came across three different organizations, which we would like to mention here:

  • The collective Green Friday : For the 3rd consecutive year, the association is actively fighting against hyperconsumption.

  • The Black for Good collective: launched by the creator of Made.com, this association currently brings together more than 70 actors.

  • The Make Friday Green Again collective: a movement launched by the French brand Faguo which brings together more than 600 actors at the time of writing this article.


All three are great initiatives and we had to choose which one to join. Looking more closely at the members of the three collectives, it was only natural that we chose Make Friday Green Again since it included the brands (Address ParisGrandmothers' GangLaulhère )which are close to us and which we believe in.

We think it is important to retain the approach launched and the message conveyed: unreasonable consumption and the perpetual quest for profit that damage our nature and ecology must no longer be made.

This year proves to us that the actions of companies are becoming more and more important to consumers.

They are the ones who have the purchasing power, and a new wave is emerging and gaining its intensity, we believe they deserve a round of applause.

On the R-PUR’s end, we will not participate in Black Friday or offer any discount during the week and on Friday 29 November.

Many of you have asked us if we are offering discounts for this event.

 We would like to thank you for your understanding when we explain our vision.

We are aware that R-PUR masks have a certain price, not accessible to everyone. Be aware that in addition to our development, we believe that educating our users about air pollution is as important in order to tackle today’s pollution.

That is why we are in discussion with health insurance so that our customers can get a part reimbursed for their R-PUR masks.



Our commitment to ecology

We did not necessarily wait until Black Friday to take the environment into account in our project.

From the very beginning of the company, our mask had to fulfil these two points:

  1. 1. The mask had to last over time and that's why our mask is guaranteed for life.

  2. 2. The interchangeable filter should be recyclable: our recycling process is currently underway and recycling terminals will be available at our partner points next spring. For the moment, you can keep your filters or send them to us, then we will store them on our side.

Every detail of the mask has been designed to last over time: the superior quality fabric with abrasion resistance and breathability, the specially developed elastic velcro fasteners that also offers ultra-resistant capabilities.the specially developed elastic velcro fasteners that also offers ultra-resistant capabilities.

We wanted to offer a high-end product that respects the environment and protects the health of those who wear it on a daily basis.


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