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The moon, the masks, the avant-gardism, the fantastic tailoring... You probably know the rising star of fashion Marine Serre, winner of the LVMH prize in 2017.

If you knew her from our previous capsule collection with us for her Radiation show in 2019 and loved it, we are delighted you found this article.

Indeed, we have worked with the young and talented fashion artist Marine Serre in the past and then wondered if luxury can
rythme with ecology.
Well, the response is yes, and the collaboration Marine Serre x R-PUR is back.



Throwbacks on a successful first collaboration

Remember the Marine Serre’s FW19 collection in 2019. We can safely say that at the time, Marine Serre opened a window into the future. The message she expressed through her creations was pretty alarming. And if we take a quick look at 2020, wasn't she right ?


"The apocalypse is already here" said the creator at the time, questioning us about ecology.

The Radiation show plunges us into an extraordinary universe: the models are dressed in black, in an almost apocalyptic atmosphere. The luminous details, hybrid materials and hugging body shapes really caught the audience's attention. But the most intriguing was the concept of models wearing masks.

Now it seems so ordinary to us. But remember in 2019, it wasn't really trendy. Introducing masks as a fashion accessory in a luxury show was a never seen before.

As a result, the collection was quickly sold out.


A second collaboration at the heart of global trends.

Between then and today, a lot of thing has happened to the industry of fashion and the global trends, in other words since COVID-19 has been around.

As we know, almost everyone in the world has been required to wear a mask. As far as France is concerned, these regulations have been imposed since July 2020.

But here is the solid fact: the very classic blue surgical mask is practical, but not suitable for all styles. Some fashionistas got tired of seeing their outfits spoiled because of this accessory. And the fashion industries have understood this. "Now you can be stylish while wearing a mask," they say.

The sale of masks has become a very profitable business in 2020 and many luxury brands are already moving into that direction. But can these brands really consider themselves as health professionals?

We must keep in mind that even though wearing them is mandatory, some masks do not protect as well as others, and making style effects does not in any way exempt you from respecting barrier measures.


Efficient doesn't mean not fashionable, and we have a proof.

Remember, the history of R-PUR x Marine Serre begins in November 2018. Marine Serre, sensitive and curious, contacts our team in order to set up an unprecedented collaboration where fashion meets technology. Her discipline, her creative sense and the ecological stakes she firmly stands by were in line with our cause.

Well, now we think we might know why you are reading this article : you surely want to know more about our new mask « Reflective Moon Face Mask ».

As a premium brand on the market, R-PUR Nano® has once again joined with Marine Serre for an exclusive collaboration.

To start, two things haven’t changed : the iconic moon of Marine Serre, and our patented filtration technology.

Photo du masque marine serre

Today, R-PUR Nano® is the most effective solution in the world.

The "Reflective Moon Face Mask" benefits from the same five filtering layers and  patented technology.

The first layer of the filter is water-repellent to filter out liquids and coarse particles such as dust. It is completed by two layers of nano-filtration as well as an activated carbon layer that blocks harmful gases and odours, allowing you to breathe completely pure air. The inner layer stays dry thanks to a technical anti-humidity layer and finally, a technical memory foam ensures a perfect seal.

And last but not least, our hot air extraction valve allows air to be evacuated 60 times faster than a conventional valve, even during moderate physical effort such as cycling or running.

On its side, the aim of Marine Serre is to offer a product 100% made and designed in France, but also, and this since the beginning, to turn the fashion codes upside down. Indeed, it is one of the first times in the history of fashion that a (must have) accessory is connected and made to guarantee you optimal protection.

You understood it : this collaboration is unique on the market, due to our cutting-edge technology and materials used (quality fabric with a water-repellent coating, a unique hot air extraction valve, a reinforced aluminum ring for a perfect fit, and ergonomic fasteners) and the unique fashionable touch of a pioneer among the biggest names in fashion : Marine Serre.

The R-PUR x Marine Serre mask is available in limited edition on both MarineSerre.com and

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